How To Get Rid Of Eye Strain With Home Remedies?

Home RemediesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 27, 2021

Eye Fatigue: Ever since corona has wreaked havoc in the country, most office work and school work is going from home, due to which one has to sit in front of their systems for hours. Many things can cause eye pain, but the most common of all causes is the strain in the eyes. Eye pain can also be caused by headaches, glaucoma, (other substances in the eye), sinus infection, or inflammation. It is common to have fatigue and swelling in the eyes due to long working hours. Many times swelling in the eyes also occurs due to lack of sleep. If the pain in your eyes persists even after a day, then here we are sharing a few home remedies to get rid of eye fatigue.

  • Cold milk is also good for the eyes. With cold milk, you can eliminate the fatigue of eyes. You will feel the difference yourself, and the swelling of the eyes will start to decrease. Apply the milk under the eyes and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it. 
  • Ice can be used to reduce swelling of the eyes as it works to relieve swelling of the eyes. Use ice in a cloth and put it on the eyes. This remedy not only reduces the swelling but also eyes' fatigue.
  • Salt should be eaten to keep swelling of the eyes away. We should drink plenty of water to reduce the swelling and tiredness of the eyes.

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