Detox your skin post diwali

Festival FeverBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 25, 2016

Diwali is here and so is the time to eat whatever you wish without keeping a tab. The time to gorge on lots and lots of sweet is finally here. It is that time of the year when you can just indulge in sweets, junk foods, dry foods and everything savory without worrying about anything. People wait all year long for Diwali, for the festivity and when Diwali arrives, people tend to indulge in everything delicious. When we are thinking about taste, hardly we can think about the nutritious quality a food has. Of course, when it is Diwali, how can you possibly keep on tab on your food?

However, once the festival is gone, the prime concern becomes your skin that can definitely get harmed because of all the junk you ate during Diwali. Whatever food that you have eaten in Diwali is enough to damage your skin to an extent. So, this video here shows you the way to detox your skin after Diwali. Once the Diwali is gone, you should better start mild exercises like walking, jogging and other workouts and you can also switch to yoga. Now, that you have eaten all the junk you wanted, you can definitely try out a healthy diet like seasonal fruits and vegetables and you must also reduce the amount of oil in your diet. This change in diet and workout routine will maintain your basic metabolism and flush out toxins from your systems.