Coronavirus In India: Take Care Of Health, Fitness And Nutrition During Lockdown

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 10, 2020

It is common to feel lethargic sitting at home during the nationwide lockdown. But due to this, the diet and fitness should not be ignored. Universal precautions that include meticulous hand-hygiene, masks, gloves and hospital scrubs are provided for the medical professionals to prevent them from the infection. The patients and their attendants, as well as the hospital staff, must be screened at the entrance with a thermal sensor and also queried about their history of fever, body aches, cold, cough or respiratory symptoms besides the history of travel in last 15 days. If such a history exists then the visitor must be asked to remain outside the treatment premises and visit the Infectious Disease (ID) specialist for further instructions. AIIMS's pulmonary medicine and sleep disorder specialist Randeep Guleria will tell you in this video how you can take care of your health, fitness and nutrition while sitting at home.

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