Coronavirus Test: Get Yourself Tested In These 5 Conditions

LatestBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 07, 2020

Coronavirus Tests: As per WHO (World Health Organization) to prevent the infection of coronavirus, test along with adopting social distancing is very important. Coronavirus should be investigated only on symptoms, and they are - high fever, dry cough and cold but also for those who have travelled abroad for a few days or weeks. Besides, doctors may recommend coronavirus tests in certain situations. Coronavirus infection is rapidly failing in many countries of the world. India is still on the verge of a crisis as the cases are constantly increasing, but the focus of doctors and experts at this time is to diagnose the coronavirus and keep people in quarantine (to prevent the spread of infection). Although the coronavirus has symptoms similar to the common flu.  In the video, we are giving information about the coronavirus test.  

What is the procedure for the test? The first step to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to quarantine or keep the infected people isolated from others. Since the coronavirus is a high-risk infection, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is recommending screening to anyone in close contact with COVID-19 affected countries or recently infected patients.