Consume These Food Items Less In Summers. Know Why

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 30, 2020

The sun is right there and some light showers have started to greet. Season or weather changes can get heavy for anyone to brave. Especially with the heat and rains together, humidity is at its peak. Chances of our body getting weak are high in these condition. So it is important for you to take care of yourself. In this weather, it is also necessary to take care of your diet because mistakes related to this can harm your body. This video talks about some basic food items, which we eat on a daily basis, which might interrupt with the system during this season. Here are some food items that one should avoid during summers: 

  • Dry Fruits: They are very good for health but they are warm in nature. They give extreme heat to the body if had in larger quantities. This does not mean that one should totally avoid these but certainly should keep a check on the quantity. 
  • Coffee and Tea: They are a part of our daily routine but we should drink them less in summers as they increases body temperature and caffeine present in these beverages can lead to dehydration too. Do not forget to keep having water with your morning cuppa. 
  • Ginger: It can boost our immunity because it have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties but consuming ginger in excess in this weather can lead to burning in chest and allergies on skin too. 
  • Nonvegetarian Items, Especially Chicken: Even though chicken is a healthy thing to eat but eating it in excess in summers can lead to extreme heat in the body. 

The key here is to know how much to eat in this season. All of these food items are healthy but excess of this in this season can cause harm to the body. 

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