understand meningitis

understand meningitis

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Understand Meningitis
  • What is Meningitis?

    What is Meningitis?

    Meningitis is an infection of the cerebrospinal fluid and the covering around the brain (meninges). Most cases of meningitis are caused by viral or bacterial infection. Bacterial meningitis is considered as a medical emergency because it has a fulminate course. Viral infections are milder and may get better without treatment or with supportive care.

  • Meningitis: When should one seek medical advice?

    Meningitis: When should one seek medical advice?

    Meningitis is a medical emergency and an extremely serious type of infection. Delay in treatment increases the risk of complications. Consult a doctor if you have fever with other symptoms suggestive of meningitis such as headache, stiff neck, seizures or sensitivity to light.

  • Expected duration of Meningitis

    Expected duration of Meningitis

    Meningitis is most often caused by infection by bacteria, fungus or a virus. In most cases of acute bacterial meningitis, antibiotics are given for about 2 to 3 weeks. Most patients with viral meningitis recover with treatment in about 7-10 days. People with fungal meningitis need antifungal medication for some weeks to months.

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