understand laryngitis

understand laryngitis

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Understand Laryngitis
  • How Long Does Laryngitis Last

    How Long Does Laryngitis Last

    Acute laryngitis starts all of a sudden and lasts no more than 2 weeks. Most cases with chronic symptoms improve with appropriate treatment. In some cases chronic laryngitis may last for weeks or even months. The hoarseness may become permanent as a result of permanent damage to the larynx.

  • What is Laryngitis?

    What is Laryngitis?

    Laryngitis is the medical term used to indicate inflammation or infection of the larynx (or the voice box). Hoarseness or change of voice is the most common symptoms of laryngitis. Laryngitis in most cases improves in a few days (about two week) with self care at home and medications.

  • Laryngitis: When To Call a Professional

    Laryngitis: When To Call a Professional

    Consult a doctor for laryngitis if hoarseness, or change in voice persist for more than 2 weeks; you have other bothersome symptoms such as high fever, blood in sputum, severe throat pain, difficulty in breathing, swelling in the neck.

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