understand hot flashes

understand hot flashes

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Understand Hot Flashes
  • Hot Flashes: When to seek medical help?

    Hot Flashes: When to seek medical help?

    Consult a doctor for hot flashes if self care at home fails to improve the symptoms, you experience symptoms many times in a day, or the symptoms are severe and are disrupting your daily life there are many effective treatments to control symptoms of hot flashes. Consult a doctor if you think that hot flashes are not caused because of menopause.

  • What are Hot Flashes?

    What are Hot Flashes?

    Hot flashes are the most common symptom experienced by women during menopause and perimenopause. During hot flash a woman experiences sudden feeling of warmth spreading through the upper body and face and may be flushing of face. This is followed by sweating (which may be profuse). Hormone therapy with estrogen and progesterone is the most effective treatment for hot flashes.

  • How to Stop Menopause Hot Flashes

    How to Stop Menopause Hot Flashes

    Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes are associated with menopausal women. Here are the ways that helps in countering the unsettling condition.

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