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How to recover from your heel pain before it gets serious

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-09-23

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Usually when we go to buy shoes, we try out the best pair that we lay our eyes on but we forget the most important part, the fitting and the comfort. Most of the time while buying shoes the aspect that we overlook is comfort and walking with shoes on that are not comfortable and cause pain or discomfort to our feet cause pain in heel. There are different terms that we use for heel pain, like calcaneal spur or heel spur or planterphasitis. Heel pain can always be prevented with right pair of shoes, right walking postures and regular exercise but of someone has started suffering from heel pain; it can be cured with right treatment and precautions. Like any other ailment, one must take care of the heel pain before it gets serious. Of course, if an ailment is not diagnosed it can trouble you more. Some signs and symptoms determine the right diagnoses of heel pain. Sufferer must understand the pattern of pain as it may help in diagnose of the pain in heel, at what time the pain is worse, the amount of the pain, then how difficult it is to walk a first few steps. Diagnosis is entirely depends upon the pattern of pain. Sometimes sufferer complains about experiencing pain while walking on an uneven surface and then there are people who suffer calcaneal spur are already suffering from arthritis. The treatment, cure and recovery vary as per the kind of pain a person is suffering from.

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