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  • How to gain weight to look big?

    I am 40 years old and weigh just 45 kgs. My doctor says I am too small for my age. Please tell me what to do to gain weight.

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  • Is there any foods to increase weight and overall health?

    What types of foods should I take to gain weight and increase health and at what time?

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  • How to cure allergy?

    I am suffering with allergy on face and neck. There is redness and dandruff on my face nd neck. Allergy appeared 15 days ago throughout my body. Now, on my body and hands have brown spots, where itching occurs. I am going through allopathy treatment from skin specialist. Still suggest me some natural ways to get rid off the allergy.

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  • How to lose weight?

    I am a thyroid patient for the last 10 years. I always have pain problems, leg pain back bone pain pain. Tell me Ayurveda weight loss solution. My current weight is 80 kgs and my hight is 4.9 inch.

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  • How to achieve long life?

    I want to achieve long life and create wealth. What to do?

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