gonorrhea diagnosis and prognosis

gonorrhea diagnosis and prognosis

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Gonorrhea Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • Gonorrhoea Strain Becoming Resistant To All Drug

    Gonorrhoea Strain Becoming Resistant To All Drug

    WHO warns of gonorrhoea strain resistant to anti-biotics.

  • Diagnosis of Gonorrhea

    Diagnosis of Gonorrhea

    The diagnosis of gonorrhoea can happen with a number of tests that include gram stain, and gene detection. Staining samples directly from patients in order to check for the bacteria is a popular method of diagnosis.

  • Prognosis of Gonorrhea

    Prognosis of Gonorrhea

    The prognosis of gonorrhea is usually good if treated on time. however, the prognosis is dependent on tw2o factors, namely correct diagnosis and method of treatment.

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