filaria signs and symptoms

filaria signs and symptoms

Filaria Symptoms - Signs and Symptoms of Filaria – Filaria or filariasis is an infectious disease caused by thread like worms called roundworms. Swelling of arms, breasts and legs are the major symptoms of filaria. This swelling is called lymphedema because of the name lymphatic filariasis. Filaria also causes damage to the lymph system which leads to fluid collection. These swelling also increases the risk of bacterial infection. In filaria, the scrotum become swollen, this filaria symptoms is called hydrocele.

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Filaria Signs and Symptoms
  • What are the symptoms of Filaria?

    What are the symptoms of Filaria?

    Symptoms of Filaria - Filaria doesn't show any initial symptoms but the problems starts after adult worms die. Swelling of arms, legs, damaging of lymph system are the major filaria symptoms of filaria.

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