chlamydia signs and symptoms

chlamydia signs and symptoms

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Chlamydia Signs and Symptoms
  • Symptoms of Chlamydia

    Symptoms of Chlamydia

    Many men and women with the infection may not have any symptoms. Symptoms of genital Chlamydia develop more often in men than women. Some symptoms of Chlamydia infection in men include discharge from the urethra, burning sensation while passing urine and pain while urinating. Some symptoms of Chlamydia infection in women include painful urination, vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation, dull lower abdominal pain and pain during sexual intercourse or bleeding during sex. Most people have mild symptoms that may subside after a few days. They, however, remain infected even after the discomfort disappears and can transmit the infection to another person on sexual contact. Therefore, if you have symptoms suggestive of sexually transmitted disease, consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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