Your Complete Guide to Staying Protected from Balanitis

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Sep 01, 2014
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  • Balanitis causes foreskin of the penis to swell.
  • Poor hygienic conditions give birth to bacteria in the area.
  • Swelling can also be caused by an injury.
  • Medication can be used to treat swelling and inflammation.

Balanitis is a disorder which causes the foreskin or the head of the penis to swell. A report by the National Health Service UK claims that the disease affects around one in every 20 males. Besides, it is has also been reported that one in every 10 cases of visits to a sexual health clinic or urology clinic is related to balanitis.

So, discovering this condition will surely make you wonder its causes, symptoms and ways to cure it. Here is a complete guide for you.

Balanitis Guide

What Leads to Development of Balanitis?

The basic cause of balanitis is poor hygienic conditions. Unhealthy surroundings give birth to harmful bacteria in the area which then cause infection. These bacteria find the foreskin of the penis to be the perfect place to grow.

Swelling on the foreskin can also be a result of an injury.

At times an irritation in the area can be a cause of balanitis and this irritation can be caused by various factors like:

  • Not washing off soap properly from the penis area after shower
  • Usage of scented soaps in the area
  • Using soaps in the area that can make the skin dry
  • Using sprays or lotions with scent on the penis area

Sometimes the balanitis can be caused a result of using medications like laxatives, sleeping pills, painkillers or antibiotics. This condition is known as fixed drug eruption.

Besides these common causes, there are reasons for balanitis which may not be seen usually. These include:

  • Reactive arthritis
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and gonorrhea

Balanitis Guide


How to Recognize Balanitis?

Now, that you have discovered its causes it’s time to recognize the symptoms that can help you fight it at the earliest.
The most common signs of balanitis are swelling and red appearance on the foreskin. There can be more apparent symptoms like:

  • Tightness in the foreskin
  • Discharge
  • Itching in the genitals
  • Pain in the genital area
  • Pain on the skin of penis

When the tip of your penis becomes swollen, it creates pressure on the urethra giving birth to painful urination.

Treating Balanitis

Once a person learns about a disease thoroughly it gets easier to combat it. Knowing the causes of a condition can help you restrict yourself from those harmful habits.

Before you choose a treatment for this condition it is necessary that you stop using irritants like perfumes, soaps, lotion, or powder on the penis. You can then choose the best treatment option for you.

Once the condition is diagnosed, your healthcare provider will prescribe you a medicated anti-itch cream. This ointment will stop the itching and treat inflammation in the area. Also, instead of giving medications, some doctors also prescribe over-the-counter creams to cure the problem.

If you are suffering from an infection, an antibiotic will be given. It may also be given to prevent inflammation, swelling, itching and discharge.

Balanitis is an avoidable condition when self-hygiene is made an important aspect of your life. However, if it still happens, this guide shall come to the rescue.

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