Women dream of being Chased, Men about Sex

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Sep 20, 2012

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Women dream of being Chased Men about Sex

Dreams are a baffling phenomenon and a new 11 year old study has something interesting to talk about it.  Scientists at the University of Montreal have collected data for 11 years on different dreams that men and women have at night. The outcome is pretty predictable, men dream about sex while women dream of being chased!



In the research for men, sex came out to be the most common thing with 85% saying that they do dream of it at least occasionally. Women however were not far behind with 73% of them reporting that they too dream about sex once in a while. About dreams of being chased, women beat mean with 83% compared to 78% of men. It was reported that women had more nightmares than men, with dreams about someone dying, paralysed by fear, failing an exam, snakes, spiders and insects. Men on the other hand had more of superhuman dreams, like that of being a superhero, killing someone, fighting and flying to other planets.

One of the most interesting research result was that with age the subject matter of our dreams diminishes.


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