Wine Better for Heart, says Study

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Sep 14, 2012

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Wine Better for Heart

A Rhode Island study has revealed that wine serves better for heart than its peers as it has cardio-vascular benefits. The scientists found that consuming pinot noir, a light to medium bodied right wine that can be paired with different meals, can be heart friendly.

The team of scientists studied effects that consuming red wine and vodka had on pigs with high cholesterol levels. They found that the animals that had a penchant for pinot noir were better off compared with those, who drank vodka. The study paper has been published in the September issue of the journal Circulation.


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The study said that red wine may offer an increased level so protection owing to its anti-oxidant properties. While red wine helps in dilating blood vessels, vodka leads to the development of more collateral vessels.


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Sellke, study’s principal investigator, said that moderate consumption of vodka and red wine can possible reduce cardiovascular risk, though red wine is likely to offer more protection because of its antioxidant properties. The study also helped the doctor’s determine that the HDl cholesterol or good cholesterol increased significantly in both the alcohol-treated groups, though the total cholesterol levels remained unaffected. The researchers added that though red wine and vodka may be of benefit to the humans, they are so for different reasons.

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