Why Women Like to Cuddle after Sex

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May 03, 2011

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Why Women Like to Cuddle after Sex

Cuddling after sex is women’s way of securing a lasting bond between with her partner. Experts suggest that women need intimacy after sex as they are looking to assurance that they are been actually loved. It is not every woman that likes to cuddle after sex. Some of them even prefer to be left alone or fed after sex, but number of women who like post-coital cuddle top the list.

Susan Hughes a psychologist at Albright College in Pennsylvania conducted a study on after sex behaviour. The sample included 170 people who were given online questionnaire.  In this study Hughes find out that irrespective of the kind of relation i.e. either long-term or short term relation women like to engage in bonding behaviour after act of mating.

Since women have shared themselves with their love, they become more emotional after sex and realise their feeling of deep love. After sex women mostly prefer cuddling, intimate talking and discussion about relationship.

According to the study by Hughes, "Everything that has to do with intimacy, they were more likely to want." On the contrary, men prefer extrinsic rewards after sexual intercourse. In men’s list of what to do after sex taking nap was followed by munching on snacks. Besides this men are likely to engage in behaviour that will increase likely-hood of repeating the act. Moreover, they prefer eating, drinking and asking for favours from their partner.

Study also show that men prefer to kiss before sex while the women are more likely to initiate kissing after sex.  Experts suggest that post-coital preferences mainly vary across the gender due to divergent adaptive reproductive strategies.

One common factor that holds equal importance for both the men and the women is expressing their love in words. In study conducted by Hughes, both men and women said that after sex it was important to say ‘I love you’ to their long-term partner.


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