Why is Sex Painful after Menopause?

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Feb 21, 2012

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Alarge number of physiological changes occur in a woman’s body during menopause and affect her sexuality and desire adversely. Why sex is painful after menopause is a very common question asked by most women. You can read this piece to knowthe reasons and the respective solutions. Changes occur in the vaginal walls, lubrication and even orgasms which might make intercourse uncomfortable and painful.

Why do women find sex painful after menopause


  • Vaginal dryness is the most common problem during menopause. The vaginal walls may become thinner and you may experience itching, burning and even bleeding during intercourse. Vaginal dryness leads to friction which can cause intense pain. Lubricants are available in the market to mitigate the dryness.
  • In the post menopause phase, women have fewer and less intense orgasms and they may take more time to get aroused. The only solution to this is frequent intercourses as they help the muscles of the uterus, vagina and bladder to remain in shape and increase the lubrication too.
  • In certain cases, women may go through Vaginismus.In this condition, a woman experiences a spasm in her vaginal muscles, primarily due to tension or fear of pain which might result from intercourse. This can be avoided by helping her get into the mood and relax.
  • Various other causes such as relationship issues, illness, hormonal changes and fatigue can also lead to loss of sexual desire. This in turn makes the act of sex seem painful as you may be too tense to let your muscles relax.
  • A drop in oestrogen levels after menopause leads to thinning and drying of the vaginal walls. This can lead to severe pain during intercourse. Hormonal replacement therapy can cure this problem.
  • If you are on medication for cold or allergy or are having some anti-depressant and anti-estrogen tablets, your sex drive may be affected and this can lead to vaginal dryness. The doctor may be able to advice an alternative medicine.
  • Lack of arousal can also be a cause for painful sex after menopause. You can talk to your partner about this and can find ways to increase arousal.


During menopause, a woman undergoes many changes and if she findssex painful after menopause, it can be very distressing. If the pain becomes very severe, you must talk to your doctor about it and follow his advice. With correct gynaecological measures, it is easily possible to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life even after menopause.

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