Why do coke when you can kiss

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Feb 04, 2011

A new research conducted in Pennsylvania says that smooching produces the same high as cocaine. iTALK unravels the kissa behind the kiss and why it sends you in such a tizzy


A new study has proved that the effects of drugs and a kiss, are equally phenomenal. In fact, you can trip with kissing (just as you would on cocaine) without suffering any after effects (unlike drugs).


Science of kissing


So, what is it about kissing that gives such a heady rush? A new research from Lafayette College of Pennsylvania, says it results from hormonal changes that reduce levels of stress hormone Cortisol (in both sexes) and boosts levels of Oxytocin (only among men), a hormone linked to social bonding. Hence, women also require a romantic setting along with a kiss to experience the same high. These hormonal changes are triggered by exchange of Pheromones (chemicals released by the body to attract sexual partners) in the saliva.


Stimulate your chakras by kissing


The lips are one of the several erotic zones in the body. The act of kissing imparts a sense of intimacy and is essential for a woman to get turned on. Dr Hitesh Shah, Sexologist and Relationship Consultant, states that a kiss can stimulate your chakras, which makes a couple turn on faster.


A kiss can make or break a relationship


A 2007 study by the University of  Albany said that a bad kiss can result in ending a relationship. Researchers says that while many forces lead two people to connect romantically, the first kiss can be a deal-breaker. The research also stated that men tend to kiss as a means to an end, but women kiss to establish and monitor the status of their relationship, and to assess and update the commitment levels of the partner. They found that women were more likely than men to insist on kissing before a sexual encounter, and more likely to emphasise the importance of kissing during and after intercourse as well.


Dr Anjali Chhabria Psychiatrist, Mind Temple Counselling Centre
For women, the mere feeling of love sets their heart aflutter. They are conditioned to be more romantic, as opposed to men who are stimulated simply by sight or smell.


Where do men err in kissing? Three  women educate them


Smoking and bad breath
Shibani Kashyap Singer
There's nothing that wrecks a kiss as bad breath. Smokers are also a no-no, since it feels like you are licking an ashtray.


Not just for lust
Koena Mitra, Actor
Kissing is a way to share love and care. Contrary to perception, it is not just a way to initiate lovemaking or a part of lust.


Lack of passion
Suchitra Pillai Actor
A bad kisser is someone whose passion does not come through in his kiss. Men should also concentrate more on the lip-lock.


Kiss ka kissa kya hain?

Dr Preeti Sahota Consultant Neurologist, Wockhardt Hospital
Kissing results in complex neurological changes. In the process of kissing, the lips touch and there is a sensory input that is carried by the nerve receptors to the area of the brain, which perceives sensation. The receptors traverse complex pathways to pass on the input to the sensory cortex. Hormonal changes are triggered, which relaxes you and gives a sense of elation.


Why are lips so sensitive?


Lips have a larger density of sensitive nerves, hence a person gets stimulated. Other such areas are nipples, inner thighs, genitals, clitoris, nape of the neck, base of the feet and armpits.


Dos and don'ts of smooching

  • Ensure that you have fresh breath. Brush your teeth before going out on a date. Pop a mint after you have finished your meal, and right before your kiss. 
  • Pay attention to your partner as kissing is also about making him/her feel good.
  • Do not use too much tongue or a really stiff tongue; it can be a turn-off.
  • Run your tongue over your lips before you kiss so that they are moist as it makes it easier to move your lips over your partner's.


Why do women need candle-light dinners and kissing as foreplay?


Dr. Hitesh Shah
The answer lies in evolution. Men and women have bi-polar energies. While men are action-oriented, women are more gentle. Women seek romance and need to be aroused psychologically as well as biologically. While the man climaxes faster, a woman may not even be excited! The difference ensured the continuation of species, for if women reached orgasm faster than men ejaculated, the chance of impregnation would be lesser.



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