Why is Communication Important for Relationships?

Communication in relationships – How important is communication for a successful relationship? Take a look at the impact of good communication on a relationship.

Himanshu Sharma
DatingWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 13, 2012Updated at: Aug 28, 2012
Why is Communication Important for Relationships?

Why is Communication Important for Relationships

Communication is essential for our everyday affairs and is a prerequisite to keeping an intimate relationship on course. Individuals in an intimate relationship should be able to communicate their thoughts and be aware of what their partner is thinking. There are three forms of communication, namely verbal, non-verbal and written, each having importance of its own for a fruitful relationship.

Relationship Communication

Communication in a relationship involves expressing your desires and feelings to your partner for better understanding of each other. It helps to prevent arguments and strengthens the relationship. Effective communication makes individuals feel loved, supported, happier and with fewer health problems. Listening generously, speaking unarguably and appreciating partner’s thoughts are some of the aspects of relationship communication.

How to Communicate Better in a Relationship

  • Ask for what you want – Most individuals don’t reveal what they want presuming that it will be overruled. Without any second thoughts let your partner know whatever is going on in your mind. Remember that relationships are about give and take.
  • Be clear, say what you mean – Don’t keep your partner guessing. There is a difference between intent and actual dialogue. Your partner can’t interpret and understand hidden meanings in your statements all the time.  Instead of playing the guessing game, make direct statements.
  • Be a good listener, pay attention to your partner – To decipher non-verbal clues, you need to observe your partner carefully. Their body language may have a message that cannot be conveyed directly. If you are still confused, it's important for you to establish willingness to communicate.
  • Be proactive to sort out relationship issues – You should make efforts to resolve problems and misunderstandings of your relationship. Both parties should come up with solutions and choose the one that is mutually acceptable. If necessary, make compromises to please your partner, acknowledging their thoughts and feelings.
  • Talk about mutual interests – You may find mutual interests in your loving relationship. Talking about common interest/s strengthens your bonding and trust. Also, don’t bring up issues that your partner doesn’t like to talk about or pick a subject that makes them uncomfortable.

Effective communication in your relationship is very important to create a healthy ambience for a loving relationship. Truthful and direct communication makes couples comfortable and enables them to overcome difficulties and problems.

If you have trouble communicating with your partner, it’s normal. Nobody can communicate perfectly all the time. By keeping in mind the importance of relationship communication, you can work on making it better.


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