Who is at Risk for Asthma?

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Aug 12, 2011

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Who is at Risk for AsthmaAsthma is a hypersensitive chronic lung disease and anyone can be affected by it. Certain factors increase a person’s risk of developing asthma (that is the potential of developing asthma is increased but it is not definite that the person will for sure develop asthma). Read to know more on who is at risk for asthma.

  • Family history of asthma and / or allergies: People with a family history of asthma (genetically predisposed) are at a higher risk of developing asthma.
  • Other allergies: The risk of asthma is higher in people with other allergic conditions such as allergic rhinitis or skin allergies. Allergy is a hypersensitive response of the body to certain substances known as allergens which can be natural or synthetic.
  • Tobacco smoke: People exposed to tobacco smoke are at higher risk of developing asthma. Their symptoms tend to be more severe.
  • Living in urban areas: People living in urban areas are at higher risk of developing asthma as compared to people living in rural areas (this is probably due to higher exposure to air pollution).
  • Birth weight: Low birth weight children are at higher risk of asthma.
  • Health problems: People with other health problems such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.
  • Occupational exposure: People working in places where they are exposed to irritants (such as chemicals, dusts, gases, moulds and pollens) are at higher risk of developing asthma.

Risk factors increase the likelihood of developing a certain disease but it in no way means you will develop the concerned disease. So even though you may be higher risk of developing asthma due to certain factors (family history, other allergies) you may be able to prevent asthma altogether by making changes to your lifestyle (such as quitting smoking and regular exercise).



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