When to Make Your Pregnancy Announcement

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Oct 05, 2012

Make Your Pregnancy Announcement

It’s probably hard to control the flurry of emotions that you experience on discovering that you’re expecting a baby. But is there any right moment to inform your friends and family about the big news?

While some couples spread the news about their baby's arrival early, others wait until the belly starts showing and becomes a topic for gossip. But does breaking the news early or waiting for the right moment make any difference? Before you take your pick, take a look at these benefits and drawbacks of telling early or late.

If you Share the News early (in first and second month) you have:  

  • more people to celebrate the joyous news of your pregnancy with
  • a strong support system right from the initial months of your pregnancy term
  • more suggestions and advices on hospital choice and other medical care facilities
  • plenty of solicit advice from the experienced family members
  • help in taking decisions associated with your health and your unborn baby’s well-being
  • lots of people to support you if you miscarry.


The drawbacks of telling early:

  • overwhelming unwanted advice from each of your acquaintance [Read:  How to Handle Unwanted Baby Advice]
  • news may reach those, who you don’t even want to know about your pregnancy


If you wait to tell until 3rd and 4th month:

  • you don’t have to deal with unwanted pregnancy advice
  • your decisions in the early months of pregnancy won’t be affected by what the network of your family and friends think
  • you may avoid loss of job for at least a few months

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  • if you miscarry, you may keep the news under wraps.


What you miss by telling late:

  • no support or important pregnancy advice in the initial months,
  • if you haven’t told your family and friends about your pregnancy yet and you miscarry, you won’t be able to share your grief with them and
  • some of your close acquaintances may feel offended on learning about your pregnancy late.


Regardless of the benefits and drawbacks of breaking the pregnancy news to your family and friends early or late, it’s for you to decide when to announce your pregnancy. Discuss it with your husband and do what you think suits you best. Once you have decided when to make your pregnancy announcement, you may look for ways to announce your pregnancy.


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