When to Give Up on your Relationship

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Aug 13, 2012

When to Give Up on your RelationshipSometimes, relationship quarrels become too complicated and cannot therefore be resolved. Such is the first sign of a good relationship going bad. A toxic relationship does not have the momentum to keep you in it any further. Many a time, we don’t see the advent of such a situation.

The following signs of sour relationship will tell you when to put an end to it.

  1. Communication Gap – Quarrels with your partner every day may widen the communication gap in an intimate relationship. The differences, with time, become too complicated that you end up not talking for several days. Communication is of utmost importance for a healthy relationship. No matter how busy you are, you will always take time to talk to people you consider special. If your partner keeps you waiting for prolonged period without even explaining or making an effort to meet you, it’s time for you to move on.
  2. Uncompromising Approach – Your partner’s causal approach and uncompromising behaviour is a bad sign. For example, a couple not helping each other in everyday issues or getting engaged in unnecessary things. Woking on things together is very important for a successful and long-lasting relationship. If your partner is continually refusing to compromise on issues, it’s time to end the relationship.
  3. Lack of Respect – Respect is an integral element of a relationship, which implies how much the partners are being understood. To resolve any issues in understanding, talk to your partner about his/her actions that you find disrespecting. You must make your partner listen more actively and responsively to you and vice versa. If your partner doesn’t acknowledge you, you are at dead end of the relationship.
  4. Lack of Time – if your partner does not give you any time means that your partner has lost interest in the relationship. A relationship cannot survive without either of the partners investing time for each other. If you or your partner is not keeping the promises and commitments, the relationship is certainly stuck. You can tell your partner to spend some time with you by planning out dinner or ideas as such.


Being single may not be your ideal, but a dead-end relationship isn’t any good either. Putting an end to your relationship doesn't mean your life is ruined. It is better to live freely without the stress of your relationship turning sour.

It’s like finding a new way of living, which is comfortable and fills you with happiness. Take a break from the quarrels and stress by putting an end to the relationship and starting afresh.


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