When do Periods Start after Childbirth?

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Mar 19, 2013

When do Periods Start after Childbirth

Periods can start as early as 5 weeks after childbirth. You can hasten the menstrual process if you combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. Breastfeeding and menstrual cycle do not go together. It is the body’s way of ensuring that you do not have another baby until your previous baby is small.


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The return of menstruation after childbirth depends on every woman’s body chemistry. However, it is expected that breastfeeding women would not show any signs of bleeding until she stops it or reduces it considerably. The hormones that aid in breastfeeding have the effect of suppressing those that ensure normal menstrual cycle which includes ovulation or release of eggs.


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The outer time limit for the return of ovulation and periods in a woman after menstruation is 6 months. At times even the women who are not breastfeeding do not start their periods after 6 months. This is because despite a stoppage in feeding during the day, night feeding still has a significant impact on the constitution of hormones in your body. You do not need to be concerned about your periods if they do not return.

There is no way to predict with certainty about the return of periods. Despite the delay in start of menstruation after pregnancy, it is still important that you use protection for sex. You must make sure that you keep all chances at bay for preventing pregnancy, as you never know when ovulation can return.

After you have had your baby, periods can be heavier or lighter than before. Your periods can still be affected by the way you breastfeed. If you are not fully breastfeeding, and the periods have not returned after a few months, it is time to seek the help of your health care provider. The advice from your Ob/GYN or even GP is very important in such situations.

The characteristic of menstrual period after childbirth is shedding of blood clots. It is called spotting. It is a light and irregular period and can look problematic, but there is no cause for concern. Contact your health care provider or even the mid wife and they will suggest the right treatment for you.


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