What is the treatment of Sprain?

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Jan 09, 2013

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What Are Some Nonsurgical Treatments for Spinal Stenosis?

There are many nonsurgical treatments for spinal stenosis. Your doctor may prescribe:

•    Medicines to reduce swelling

•    Medicines to relieve pain

•    Limits on your activity

•    Exercises and/or physical therapy

•    A brace for your lower back


When Should Surgery Be Considered?


Your doctor will likely suggest nonsurgical treatment first unless you have:

•    Symptoms that get in the way of walking

•    Problems with bowel or bladder function

•    Problems with your nervous system

Your doctor will take many factors into account in deciding if surgery is right for you. These include:

•    The success of nonsurgical treatments

•    The extent of the pain

•    Your preferences


What Are Some Alternative Treatments for Spinal Stenosis?


Alternative treatments are those that are not part of standard treatment. For spinal stenosis, such treatments include chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. More research is needed on the value of these treatments. Your doctor may suggest alternative treatments in addition to standard treatments.



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