How does one with Hallervorden Spatz Disease get Treated?

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Oct 05, 2012
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  • Physical therapy may be recommended to reduce muscle rigidity.
  • Occupational therapy can help in developing skills for everyday life.
  • Speech therapy can be used to treat impairment of speech.
  • Medications can be used for the treatment of this disease.

This is a rare genetic disorder that is characterised by neurological dysfunction that progresses with time and a loss of memory. This disorder is related to movement and tends to run in families. It was first described by Hallervorden and Spatz in the year 1922.

The treatment of Hallervorden-Spatz disease depends on the symptoms.

  • Physical therapy tends to prevent as well as reduce the rigidity of muscles. It can also help people with muscle spasms as well as other muscular problems.
  • Occupational therapy helps to develop skills for everyday life. It can also help one to retain the current abilities.
  • Speech therapy can be used to treat impairment of speech, medically known as dysphagia.

Hallervorden Spatz Disease

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy may be administered in the form of a supportive therapy along with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. It has been proven to improve a person’s general well-being as well as vitality of the patient. The best thing about homeopathic treatment is that it does not have any side-effects.


Some medicines may be prescribed for the treatment of Hallervorden-Spatz disease. These medicines include:

•    Methscopolamine bromide: for drooling.
•    Benztropine: used as an anticholingeric agent for the treatment of muscle rigidity as well as tremours.
•    Memantine, donepezil and rivastigmine to help dementia.
•    Baclofen for relaxing the muscles and treating dystonia.


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