What are the symptoms of bad breath?

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Dec 17, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • In medical terms bad breath is referred to as halitosis.
  • Bad breath is a result of poor lifestyle and bad food habits.
  • It could also mean that there is an underlying physical problem.
  • It is very important to brush and floss every day.

We have often wondered with all our brain storming in the middle of a calm morning about the bad breath leaving our jaws. Bad breath is a sure turn off for people who you are talking to, they don’t say, they don’t ridicule, but you can make out by the distance they keep with you that something must be wrong.

In medical terms bad breath is referred to as halitosis and is the result of poor dental health and also could be a sign of other physical ailments. Your situation of living with bad breath is made worse when you eat the wrong kinds of food and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The bad breath which you experience during the morning after waking up from your sleep is typically contributed by reduced saliva during your sleeping hours which leads to acids and other such debris in your mouth to decay. While the simple solution for your bad breath in the morning is brushing and flossing your teeth, and cleaning your tongue after waking up, a continual bad breath could be difficult to handle.

bad breath

Factors Affecting your Poor Breath

Let us first look at the factors which give you a bad breath.

Food you Eat

The food you eat contributes immensely to your poor breath, and this is because the food gets digested and absorbed into your bloodstream and then they get carried to your lungs and comes out from your breath. Therefore, if you eat too much of strong odour foods such as garlic and onions then even brushing, flossing and mouth washing will fall short. This odour cannot go away completely until you have passed the foods through your body.

Poor Lifestyle Choices

Poor lifestyle choices can also be another factor which will lead you to have a bad breath. If you dot brush your teeth, wash your mouth with dental mouth wash and floss you will definitely have poor breath. These clean habits if not performed ritually then bacterial growth will occur between your teeth and around your gums and on the tongue. This will then cause bad breath. Also, antibacterial mouth washes can be great to reduce bacteria. Smoking or chewing tobacco based products can also give you bad breath, stain your teeth and reduce your ability to taste foods.

Therefore, it is safe to say that if do the right things as mentioned above you will definitely avoid bad breath. Now for the symptom:

bad breath symptoms

Symptom of Bad Breath

•  Cover your mouth and nose with your hand and exhale. If the exhaled air smells bad then yes you have bad breathe!

•  If you are still unsure then watch how people react to you when you talk. Do they raise their eye brows and stand at a distance? Well, bad breath!

•  If your girl friend refuses to kiss you, then well, go brush your teeth and floss, because you definitely have bad breath.

•  And if they are so adamant on staying away it is probably them who have bad breath! Refer them to this page and they will soon come closer to you.

Personal hygiene is a personal choice as it keeps you clean and healthy both physically and mentally. Learn to practice it for your benefit.

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