What is the significance of bone health during pregnancy?

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Jan 14, 2013
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  • Optimum bone health is needed for mother and baby.
  • During pregnancy, excessive estrogen production protects the bones.
  • More pregnancy means better bone health and least risk of fracture.
  • Most women recover lost bone post delivery.

Women lose more bone density as they age compared with men. During pregnancy, the significance of adequate bone health cannot be understated. When a woman is pregnant her body demands more out of her than it ever did. Therefore, taking care of the bones is very important at the time of pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding for the health of the mother as well as baby.

pregnancy and bone health
At the time of pregnancy, the baby that is growing in the mother’s womb needs a lot of calcium so that its bones can develop. The demand for calcium is especially significant during the last three months of pregnancy. If the mother does not get enough amount of calcium, the baby will draw it from the mother’s bones, making the latter weaker as the baby grows. An upside to being pregnant for those mothers not getting enough calcium is that their body tends to absorb more calcium from foods and supplements compared with the body of those women who are not pregnant. Moreover, a pregnant woman’s body produces more estrogen and this helps to protect the bones. Also once the baby is delivered, the amount of calcium lost at the time of pregnancy gets restored several months thereafter.

There are some studies that suggest that pregnancy can be good for the bone’s overall health. Some studies suggest that the more times a woman has been pregnant, the greater the bone density and lower the risk of fracture. In a lot of cases, those women who develop osteoporosis at the time of pregnancy or during breastfeeding tend to recover the lost bone and finally optimize the bone mass. As for teenage mothers, it is not clear if they can restore bone density later or not.


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