Prognosis of Williams Syndrome

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Oct 25, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Prognosis of Williams syndrome depends and varies on individual symptoms.
  • Some people may suffer from high blood pressure because of the disease.
  • Progressive joint limitations may also develop in people with Williams syndrome.
  • A patient may have to deal with an increase in weight.

The prognosis for Williams syndrome depends on their symptoms. Some form of mental retardation may be seen in those people who suffer from this disorder. Once treatment is given, some adults can function on their own, complete their academic or vocational school and live in homes that are supervised on their own. Most people also live with a caregiver.

williams syndrome prognosisPrognosis of Williams syndrome refers to the possible outcome of Williams syndrome. It may include the duration of this syndrome, the possibility of complications, the prospects for recovery, the recovery rates, death rates, survival rates and other possibilities in the complete prognosis of Williams syndrome. Generally, the forecast issues are unpredictable by their nature.



Williams syndrome may lead to complications such as the following:

Hypertension: also called high blood pressure, this is a very common as well as serious medical condition that may lead to and/or cause further complications.
Progressive joint limitations: this is marked by limited movement of the joints and muscles.
Obesity:  a person may have to deal with being overweight or obese on account of Williams syndrome.


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