What is the expected duration of Scrotal Tongue?

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Oct 12, 2012
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  • It's condition in whihc the tongue develops cracks and grooves.
  • The grooves could be deep or shallow.
  • The grooves can occur on any side of the tongue.
  •  Scrotal tongue is a lifelong condition.

Scrotal tongue is condition when the tongue develops cracks and grooves. These grooves could be deep or shallow and can occur on any side of the tongue.  But most of the fissures occur on the middle of the tongue.  The condition is often harmless.

scrotal tongue

Characteristics of Scrotal Tongue

The characteristics include:

  • Appearance of cracks, grooves or clefts on tongue
  • The grooves affect the tongue
  • The grooves may be deep as 6 mili meters


Causes of Scrotal Tongue

The exact of cause is not known yet but some of the predicted causative factors that may cause scrotal tongue include:
polygenic mode of Inheritance
Melkeresson- Rosenthal Syndrome
Injury to oral cavity or tongue

grooves on the tongue


Since it harmless condition, it usually has no symptoms. But some common symptoms from deep groves include

  • Burning sensation on eating
  • Bad breath
  • Fungal infections on the tongue


What is the Expected Duration?

Scrotal tongue is a lifelong condition. It can neither be prevented nor treated.  It causes no harm or discomfort.


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