What are the disadvantages of Hemodialysis?

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jul 19, 2010

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In-Center Hemodialysis

•    - Treatments are scheduled by the center and are relatively fixed.
•    - You must travel to the center for treatment.
•    - This treatment has the strictest diet and fluid limits of all.
•    - You will need to take—and pay for—more medications.
•    - You may have more frequent ups and downs in how you feel from day to day.
•    - It may take a few hours to feel better after a treatment.

Home Hemodialysis

•    - You must have a partner.
•    - Helping with treatments may be stressful to your family.
•    - You and your partner need training.
•    - You need space for storing the machine and supplies at home.
•    - You may need to take a leave of absence from work to complete training.
•    - You will need to learn to put in the dialysis needles.
•    - Daily and nocturnal home hemodialysis are not yet offered in all locations.

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