What is the Diagnosis of Taste Disorders?

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Sep 05, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • An otolaryngologist can diagnose intensity of taste disorders.
  • There are various types of taste disorders.
  • Various reasons like an injury or a surgery can lead to the disorder.
  • Taste disorders can be treated with several precautionary measures.

What are Taste Disorders?

There are various of kinds of taste disorders out of which phantom taste perception is the most common type. In this a person tastes unpleasant even though there is nothing in the mouth. In some cases, the ability to taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami is lost and this is known as hypogeusia.
Some people are unable to identify any taste and this condition is known as ageusia.

Taste Disorder Diagnosis

What Causes Taste Disorder?

Same people are born with taste disorders but, some may develop it after an injury or illness. Other causes of taste disorder are:

  • Upper respiratory and middle ear infections
  • Radiation therapy for cancers of head and neck
  • Being exposed to chemicals like insecticides and some medications
  • An injury in the head
  • Some surgeries to the ear, nose, and throat or extraction of third molar
  • Poor oral hygiene and dental problems

How are Taste Disorder Diagnosed?

Taste and smell disorders are diagnosed by an otolaryngologist who is a specialist of ear, nose, throat, head and neck. An otolaryngologist can diagnose the severity of the taste disorder by measuring the lowest concentration of different substances or by noting how the intensity of taste increases when a substance’s concentration is increased.

Taste Disorder Diagnosis

How to Treat Taste Disorders?  

There are certain measures that you can take when you lose the sense of taste. Here some things that you can try:
Cook foods with a variety of colours and textures

Use aromatic herbs and hot spices to add more flavour but, avoid using more sugar or salt to foods

If possible add some small amount of cheese, bacon bits, butter, olive oil or toasted nuts on vegetables

Avoid combination dishes like casseroles that can dilute the taste

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