What Comes between You and Orgasm?

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Jan 09, 2012

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Upset couple in bedYou do not want to end a pleasurable session by stalling out of the most delightful part of it, the climax. Men and women alike have been guilty of denying their partner and indeed, themselves by getting distracted right at the end. The culprit is often “cognitive distraction” in medical jargon speak, which actually means any thoughts that distract you off the game when it is near its most exciting end.


Some Factors that Interrupt or Prevent Orgasm in Men and Women

  • Women are prone to go over their household or other chores in their mind just before climax of their session. It is unfair on their partner as when they have got themselves going, it is hard to wean yourself off it. Women should do well to remove any visual signs that can indicate their daily chores when in the mood. 
  • Excessive alcohol use, muscle weakness, depression, diabetes or medications that inhibit the sexual functions are normally the reason behind orgasm problems in men.
  • Ejaculation requires the activity of sympathetic nerves and some surgeries of aortic reconstruction can damage these nerves. 
  • Stressing over the time when the final orgasm would come is the worst way of approaching it. The fact that you begin to observe yourself rather than feel the pleasure is the ideal way to play spoilsport. You would do well to mimic the breathing in and out experienced during orgasm or whisper your feelings to your partner. The appreciative feelings communicated to the partner would bring about orgasm. 
  • Men can similarly ruin their orgasm by being in anticipation rather than going with the flow. Thinking about the time when orgasm would come is often the problem of men. They link it to their feelings of masculinity and are ashamed when they cannot satisfy their partner and worse still, cannot perform. Men are more inclined to overestimate their problem as many times it can be corrected just by following basic fitness tips and being relaxed at the time of orgasm. 
  • If you enjoy the girl-on-top position, the spoilsport can be worrying about how your tummy looks, or any other body part for that matter. Know that if your man is in the mood, he is only noticing how good you look rather than the other way round. If you cannot help but think about your body, get into a position that does not reveal the body parts you would like to hide.


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