What are the causes of Central Nervous Embryonal Tumour?

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Dec 27, 2012
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  • CNS in children is usually malignant in nature.
  • Treatment for brain tumour in children is different from that in adults.
  • A child may be genetically predisposed to develop CNS.
  • Li-Fraumeni syndrome, turcot syndrome, etc are some risk factors.

Central nervous system embryonal tumour refers to a kind of tumour that develops in the brain cells of a fetus when it is developing inside the womb. The tumour can be benign or malignant in nature, though most CNS embryonal tumours in children are malignant in nature. The benign tumours tend to grow faster and spread into the other brain tissues. When the tumour grows into or presses on a particular area of the brain, it may stop that part of the brain from working how it ideally should. Both benign and malignant brain tumours trigger symptoms and will need treatment.

Even though cancer is a rare medical condition in children, the bran tumours are said to be the third most common type of childhood cancer after lymphoma and leukemia. Even though the brain tumours occur in both children as well as adults, the treatment is different for each.

CNS causes

Causes of central nervous system embryonal tumours

Formation of pineoblastomas in the cells of pineal gland
The pineal gland refers to a tiny organ that is located in the center of the brain. This gland makes melatonin, a substance that helps in controlling sleep cycle. When pineoblastomas form in the cells of the pineal gland, they usually are malignant in nature.

Genetic factors
There are certain genetic conditions that increase the risk of childhood CNS embryonal tumour. Some of the risk factors for CNS embryonal tumour include Li-Fraumeni syndrome, turcot syndrome, nevoid basal cell carcinoma, Fanconi anemia and Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.


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