Know how you can Detect your Pregnancy at the Earliest

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Jun 02, 2011
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  • The hCG hormone could be detected in seven days after conception.
  • Urine sample is needed for you to do so.
  • Clearblue provides a test that can be taken 4 days before period.
  • The closer you get to pregnancy, more accurate would be result.

A woman who is eager to get pregnant can find the 2 weeks wait between ovulation and expected time for period very distressing. Early detection of pregnancy has definite advantages for the mother and newborn care.


best earliest Pregnancy Test

The sooner a woman knows about her pregnancy, the sooner she is able to start preparing with the much needed lifestyle changes and proper prenatal care. An early pregnancy test lets you know about just that.

Best pregnancy tests are those which can detect the human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in a woman’s body 7 days onwards from conception. It can be detected in the urine sample. Usually, early pregnancy tests are not reliable before the day of expected period. Some home pregnancy tests do claim that they can give results up to 6 days before a woman misses a period. Since one cannot rely solely on their claims, women need to look at other options for making sure.


Best Pregnancy Tests that give Results the Earliest

First Response has a lot of rapid result pregnancy tests. In addition, they also have two pregnancy tests that give results much before the first day of missing period. They are

  • First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test – It can be used 6 days before a missed period.
  • First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test – It can be used 5 days before a missed period.

Being FDA approved, you can depend on the reliability of these tests. The website of First Response advises that since each woman has a different bio-chemical disposition, detectable level of hCG may not appear after missing the period. The test kits intimate all this information to the customers. It states that a 68% result was obtained in a study on Early Pregnancy test for testing 6 days before missing a period. For the Gold Digital test, the results were 58 % accurate when tested 4 days before.

The closer you are to the day of expected pregnancy, the more accurate would be the results. In any case, if you get a negative result, it is important to test again if you miss a period in the next 7 days.

Clearblue provides a digital pregnancy test that can be taken 4 days before your expected period. It has 53% accuracy and the result show up as “pregnant” or “not pregnant” without any puzzling jargons to confuse.

The best way to confirm or rule out pregnancy is to get a blood test done for detecting hCG 7 to 10 days after conception.


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