Tuberculosis causes unintentional and unexplained weight loss

Weight loss is one of the prevalent side effects of tuberculosis. This happens as a result of previous symptoms or some health complication.

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Tuberculosis causes unintentional and unexplained weight loss

Tuberculosis is one of the most feared diseases, wherein an individual can experience weight loss. The infection, caused due to mycobacterium tuberculosis, mainly affects respiratory mechanism besides manifesting on body parts like spinal cord, kidneys and brain.


Tuberculosis causes weight loss


Among common signs and symptoms of tuberculosis infection are exhaustion, fever and nausea. In the condition, an individual also experiences chest pain, prolonged coughing and blood in urine. Weight loss in tuberculosis could also be an outcome of previous symptoms.


Appetite loss

Appetite loss along with nausea are commonest signs of tuberculosis. In tuberculosis, there is a sudden dip in the appetite of an individual. Vomiting becomes common too, one of the factors responsible for causing unintentional weight loss. If an individual experiences weight loss circumstance before diagnosis and treatment, the likelihood of relapse becomes significantly high.


Infection type: latent or active

The foremost step in the treatment of the tuberculosis is the identification of infection, whether it is an active or latent one. Latent or inactive tuberculosis infection is the one where it is possible to push away tuberculosis-causing organism mycobacterium tuberculosis from individual’s body. On the other hand, active infection cannot help immune system to suppress organism’s influence on various body parts.


unexplained weight loss


On identification of tuberculosis, one must undergo drug therapy as soon as possible to counter the infection. The treatment involves an even dosage of pills for a course lasting nine months. However, there remains a chance that nausea and loss of appetite will worsen further.

One needs to consider several lifestyle and dietary changes after consulting a physician. Expert guidance can help you avoid unexpected weight loss in Tuberculosis and countering tuberculosis infection.


Tuberculosis facts about weight loss

One of the common mistakes committed by individuals is that in their course of combating tuberculosis treatment, they assume that maintaining appropriate body weight will clear the infection. To the contrary, more bacteria can develop as a result of medication or diet changes, worsening tuberculosis.

Blaming tuberculosis for weight loss is another wrong assumption. Conditions such as loss of weight, poor appetite, low energy level, productive cough and night sweats are sometimes the outcome of other symptoms or conditions. The tuberculosis subtype, Miliary Tuberculosis, produces fever, weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss.


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