Ways to get Past the Perils of Pregnancy Labour

Labour can be long and tedious and it gets frustrating at times. Here are five ways in which you can get through the trouble of labour with ease.

Pratima Sharma
PregnancyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Dec 15, 2011
Ways to get Past the Perils of Pregnancy Labour

The average length of your first labour would typically be 12-18 hours, and there are labours that last even longer than this. These labours are longer because of certain physical issues, like the baby moving to a better position. And labours are infamous for being painful.

ways to get past labourGoing through  labour involves a fair amount of preparation, especially, if it is your first one. Although, the average length of labour could be between 12 to 18 hours, there are no fixed parameters for the same. Your labour could last for as little as 2 hours to as long as 45 hours! It depends on the nature of your contractions, the rate at which the position of the baby changes and on the intensity of your emotional upheavals. When managed well, however, the longest labours could be the easiest ones to tide through. Some of these 5 ways to get through a long labour can surely help.

Forget the Clock

You should ideally be more concerned about the contractions rather than the time. Taking it one contraction at a time would help you deal with it sequentially. Worrying about how long you have already been at it and how much more time it would require could be grossly demotivating. On the contrary, you should consider stacking away clocks and watches for the time being. It will be of great help.

Staying at Home

It is best that you stay at home as this is your comfort zone and you will feel best here. You can do whatever you want, like eat, drink, watch television, play monopoly, chat with close ones, take showers, and above all relax and listen to music may be or read a book. If you must opt for a labour room delivery, stay at home as long as you can.

Comfort Measures

There should be comfort measures for a woman in labour, and people around her must lend a helping hand. People surrounding her should help her relax and rub her back and help her out as much as possible. Her space should be the ideal comfort space possible. The trick is to make her feel calm and relaxed, and this way the labour would not be a very terrible thing to deal with.

People who Matter

You should have people who matter around you all the time; this makes things very easy during labour. Have your husband, your best friend, and people who give you a lot of peace of mind. Back massage and some encouraging words would be even better.

Let Labour be

At the very onset of labour the best thing you can do is to make yourself realise that it is not the time and this cannot be labour. You have to remind yourself that this is not your time and this cannot be labour. Pick up all those reasons that are in your mind, from this is not the right date to baby doesn’t have clothes yet. There is no need to rush things, but instead casually go about it and let things fall in place. Have fun during this late phase!

The most vital of the 5 ways to get through a long labour would to remain positive. Get ready to enjoy the last lap of your pregnancy and revel in the pride of motherhood!

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