Ways to be a better Boyfriend

Being a better boyfriend can be a Herculean task if you are not very sincere about it, but we have devised some ways for you to become a better boyfriend.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: May 29, 2013
Ways to be a better Boyfriend

Ways to be a better Boyfriend

Men have been striving to be on the good books of their girlfriends from time immemorial, while some have succeeded, others have failed miserably. The successful candidates have lived or in fact are living in the shadow of their dark hair, while the failures are roving aimlessly under the night sky. While both are dark, the latter makes an attempt to be grimmer than the former. So here is how you can have less of a grim tale by being a better boy friend.

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Be Honest

The old adage says, ‘honesty is the best policy’, but not many would really want to abide by it, because men by nature seem to be polygamous. But if you want to be a better boy friend then you can definitely work towards your honesty and truthfulness. If you truly love her then do not think twice, just stick to her and be by her side. There is nothing better than being true to the lady whom you love, she will appreciate that immensely.

Treat her like a Lady

It is only a gentleman who knows how to treat his girl friend like a lady, can you be one yourself? Treating your girl friend like a lady is very important; it gives her a sense of importance and makes her believe that she is truly yours. This does not only mean to pamper her and make her feel special, but most commonly this is about the way you behave with her and the kind of respect you give her. Most men act nice until they get the girl, but then once they get her he forgets to care.

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Don’t Dominate Her

Yes, we are in a patriarchal society but you should not be a part of it. Instead, learn to be more caring and respectful towards her, and do not ever dominate her. Your girlfriend is also a human being and she has own life to lead, she has her own dreams to pursue, much like you do. Do not try to hold her back and make her feel low, try to let her live her life. Most boys do this mistake and this causes the girl to feel bad and disrespect the man. It is gross violation of human rights in fact, so try and let her be in her own space.

Be Supportive

Your girlfriend is a part of you, and it is that relationship which has mutual respect and support that grows. Therefore you should be supportive and help her grow and become a better person. Your love doesn’t end at just the fun things, it goes beyond that and reaches out to being there for each other, and you must push your girlfriend to be a better person. Point out all her negativities and try and help her to bring out the best. This doesn’t mean that you criticize her all the time and make her feel bad; speak to her in a nice and affectionate way. She will love the fact that you care about her.

Listen to Her

Men tend to think that they can only let their views and points reach her and not expect any counter views. This is plain wrong, as listening is very important in a healthy relationship. You will have to listen to your woman if you want her to respect and love you. Listening of course doesn’t mean that you will have to abide by all her stupid fancies, all you have to do is to make sure that you do not be too nonchalant about her needs.

Finally we give you the golden tip, one that will not require any effort, but just the tilt of your head. Always say, ‘yes’.

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