Ways to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss

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Aug 31, 2012

Ways to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. When you are eyeing a healthy weight loss regimen to get in shape, no quick-fix can help you. You have to devote yourself to a specific weight-loss diet along with a fitness schedule to develop lean muscles. Lack of motivation is a leading factor that affects most aspirants. It is, therefore important to stay motivated to achieve weight loss. [Read: Challenges before Weight Loss]

Here are some useful tips and strategies to stay motivated and overcome obstacles of your weight-loss regimen.

Share your weight-loss experience – After having done the basics, such as setting up realistic goals and structuring a diet plan, learn the tricks of trade by joining an online forum for weight loss and fitness. Read the experiences of others, some of which will be an inspiration for you. Share your experience and ask others for suggestions on how you make your program more effective. You may be able to pick up various valuable tips on diet, exercise and weight loss by socialising. [Read: Lose Weight by Surfing the Web]

Find a workout buddy – It would be better if you exercise with a person, who shares the same interest in weight loss or fitness as you do. He will motivate you to exercise on the days you feel lazy helping you stick with a program. Workout with a person, who is committed to fitness, but never with someone, who pulls you down on your failure to keep up. Always surround yourself with people, who support you through your weight-loss schedule.

See a change in yourself – Seeing change in yourself will boost your confidence. Click pictures of yourself every week. Even the slightest changes in the body-frame will be an encouragement. It will give you a rough idea of how far you have come and how much you will have to push yourself to get close to the target.

Feel good about your program –
Acknowledge your accomplishments by treating yourself occasionally after crossing a milestone. You may treat yourself with a new outfit when you drop a few trouser sizes or  your favourite dishes.

Accept your ability and take it on from there – Don't expect that you will be able to workout at a pro level from the first day itself. Let your body pick the pace up. It is fine to make mistakes or not be able to do what you hoped for. Never make yourself feel like you cannot do it. Realising your capabilities and advancing accordingly is the key. [Read: Weight Loss Mistakes we Make]

Societal influences may hinder your weight-loss efforts. But, if you work hard and have persistence, your efforts will eventually pay off.


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