Ways to Create Intimate Relationships

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Oct 10, 2011

Ways to create intimate relationshipsAn intimate relationship with someone can be very invigorating as well as rewarding. However, developing intimacy with a person may not be very easy as it involves making the right move and spending enough time for building trust. Continue reading this article to find umpteen ways to create intimate relationships.


Be honest to yourself


Since intimacy is a feeling, it is most desirable to be honest to one’s own feelings. Try to draw out the drives, desires and motivations that are specific to you. Understand and list out what it is that you want in the relationship that you are in now. This will help you to create space inside to build intimacy for another individual. This is known to be one of the best ways to create intimate relationships.


Talk to your partner


Converse with your partner openly about what you want and what you expect out of the relationship. As you disclose your desires and needs, do not assume that all your wishes would be instantly granted. Give your partner enough space to respond to your needs.


Personal space


Personal space is crucial to form a sound relationship. Give as much room as possible to the other individual to speak out. Do not overpower the conversation and make it appear as if you care only about what you want and not what your partner might be interested in offering. Communicate with your partner passionately to establish true intimacy.


Be honest to your partner


Share every truth that exists regarding your needs and desires. Take responsibility for every word you say and avoid blaming the other person.


Do not push yourself


Do not give in to the desires and needs of your partner just because you want them to like you. When you do something with a feeling of resistance, it does become apparent in some way or the other.


Be available


Being available to your partner is helpful in building intimacy. Set your priorities right and make appropriate time for your partner on a regular basis.


Show that you care


Hug or kiss your partner whenever you get a chance. Shower gifts to express your affection. Send explicit messages of love and care to set up the ground for intimacy.


Ways to create intimate relationships are many but it is the individual ability of the person to aptly use them to build intimacy.


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