Uses of honey for beauty

Honey can be used as a natural beauty treatment and has moisturising properties. It also helps in regenerating and repairing the scar tissues in the body.

Aditi Dasgupta
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jan 28, 2013
Uses of honey for beauty

Honey and its uses have been the most ancient and the most trusted beauty treatment. Beauty experts have suggested the use of honey as an option to nourish the skin and hair. Find out how:

  • Honey does have miraculous properties that help in regenerating and repairing the scar tissues in the body.
  • Apply honey pack on your hair before using your normal shampoo. Wrap your hair up in a hot towel and leave it on for five to ten minutes till it dries up completely. Wash it off with luke warm water to feel those super silky hair strands. Honey locks the moisture in the hair follicles and brings back the shine instantly. Repeat this twice a week for best results. This can cure scalp eczema and acute cases of dandruff as well.
  • Another way to use honey in your hair is to mix it with milk, olive oil and lavender oil, one teaspoon each and heat it up slightly in a desired quantity followed by massaging it on to your scalp in circular motion. Ensure that the application reaches the roots of the hair and not just the ends. Wash your hair off.
  • A honey facial helps to retain water in the skin and control the rapid loss of moisture preventing the dry patches from occurring in extreme weather conditions. Honey is a humectant which stabilises the softness and the elasticity of the skin naturally.
  • Add seven to ten drops of purified honey along with five drops of camomile oil to your bath water for that fragrant and silken after effect.
  • Applying honey on the face thrice a week gives you a blemish-free skin.
  • Honey can soothe irritated, dry and cracked skin as it has moisturising properties.
  • Use a drop of honey with your night cream every night. This helps the skin to tighten up without any interference throughout the night simultaneously giving the skin cells to repair themselves.
  • A mixture of a few drops of honey, 500 ml of glycerine and half a lemon squeezed can help repair darkened elbows, cracked heels and chapped lips. For best results, apply this at night and wear loose socks.
  • Mix two tablespoons of honey in a bowl with two egg whites and five drops of glycerine. Apply evenly on face and throat. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse it off with warm water.