Understanding your Partner’s Sexual Needs

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Jul 02, 2012

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Understanding your Partners Sexual Needs

Sex is a very important part of an intimate relationship. It has been observed that a lot of couples misunderstand sexual needs of their partners. Disparity of interest in terms of sex among couples could be due to several reasons. Mentioned below are some of the reasons of it:

1. Share thoughts and expectations: Hesitation to reveal about your wants and desires is the foremost factor for misinterpretation of your sexual needs by your partner. In simple words, you cannot read your partner’s mind to understand his/her sexual needs just as how your partner can’t read your sexual needs. Therefore, share your thoughts and expectations about how sexual experiences can bring you closer together.

2. Admit your anxiousness: Feeling discomfort to discuss if one is not happy with his/her partner. Admit your anxiousness to your partner. Make an attempt to begin the dialogue so that your partner can understand your concerns and needs.

3. Talk about your sexual needs: Discuss your desires Don’t be casual in talking to your partner about your sexual needs. Spare some time to discuss about your desires and vice-versa and contribute to the cause of sexual intimacy.

4. Be romantic: You cannot rule out romance from your bedroom. If it is missing, there is a need of its revival to set the stage for sexual intimacy and understand your partner’s sexual needs.

5. Enjoy Sex: You need to figure out the way to enjoy sex mutually. Pleasure should come after you have heard your partner's requests and negotiated differences.

6. Try New Endeavours: Being predictable is another cause of not being able to understand your partner’s sexual needs. Don’t make it a routine or try new endeavours to fill pursuits with pleasure.

7. Associate emotionally: Emotional connection also has a vital role to play in holding up intimate relationships. Find out ways in which you can make emotional connection for closeness in a relationship.

8. Practice Safe Sex: Illness and physical changes, such as weight gain, surgical complications and hormonal changes may also lead to sexual discomfort. These factors may ruin or interfere with your ability to enjoy sexual activity.

9. Intimacy Equilibrium: Beliefs should be discussed to understand sexual needs of your partner. Besides discussing beliefs, know your partner’s expectations about sexuality to strike the intimacy equilibrium.

10. Mutual Feeling: For years, there have been various preconceived notions about sex. As per these notions, men are more oriented towards sex while women are more commitment driven. The feeling is mutual and should be treated that way.

If you need to understand partner’s sexual need, talk to your partner and enhance your emotional intimacy. Be open and honest to settle differences and misunderstandings about each other’s sexual desire. Discuss your differences with your partner and look for solutions that will satisfy both of you.

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