Do Not Belittle Condoms, they are your Armor against STDs

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Jan 30, 2013
Quick Bites

  • Talk to your partner about your contraception options.
  • Condoms are your best safety options against STDs.
  • Even though condoms are not foolproof, they are efficient.
  • They are easily available, easy to use and store too.

Ample has been talked about sexually transmitted diseases, but little about what can escalate your probability of developing one. You may be watching over your moves while you make love and clipping every nurse’s ears with your breath to ensure they pull out a fresh needle, but there are some factors that you can have no control over, that which can slip under your bed without you even realizing.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Talking about a Contraception Method

Be it a viral or parasitic STD, to understand the politics behind sexually transmitted diseases is to know where to draw the boundaries. You must begin by understanding the kind of protection that you will be using in your sexual relationship. It is important for both the partners to have a good understanding of each other’s expectations.

If you and your partner are not looking forward to having a baby, but are committed in a monogamous relationship, you may be prompted to be on guard against pregnancy and not necessarily use a condom. For instance, you may take birth control pills to keep pregnancy away but that does not necessarily keep you protected from sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr Kaamna Mohan, gynaecologist, suggests that using condom allows protection against pregnancy and a little bit of protection against sexually transmitted infections. While condoms are not really foolproof, they can be easily opted for being efficient in reducing vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases as well as reduce the risk of pregnancy. Besides, they are easily available, easy to use and store too!


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