understand wrist sprain

understand wrist sprain

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Understand Wrist Sprain
  • What is Wrist Sprain?

    What is Wrist Sprain?

    Wrist injury is common because when you are about to fall you extend your hands out to catch or break the fall by way of a natural protective reflex. If the wrist gets suddenly and forcefully torqued or twisted when you fall, it may cause wrist sprain or strain. Most wrist sprains occur after a fall. The severity of wrist sprains may vary from injury due to excessive stretching of the ligaments or tearing of this tissue. Wrist sprain can occur in anyone, but the injury is more common in certain groups of people such as athletes (football players, basketball players, baseball players, gymnasts, skaters, skateboarders etc).

  • Wrist Sprain: When should one seek medical advice?

    Wrist Sprain: When should one seek medical advice?

    Most cases of wrist sprain are mild and can be treated at home by giving rest to the injured wrist, ice application and taking simple analgesics such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen to decrease the pain. Consult a doctor for wrist sprain if you have significant pain or swelling in the wrist, pain prevents you from moving the wrist normally in any direction or the symptoms do not improve within two to three days of treatment at home after injury. Consult a doctor immediately if you have severe pain, deformity, numbness or swelling in the wrist. These may be caused due to a broken bone or complete tear of the ligament, which may need surgery.

  • How long does Wrist Sprain last?

    How long does Wrist Sprain last?

    Wrist sprain, in most cases, ranges from mild to moderate injury. The symptoms such as pain and swelling, usually, improve in a few days. Symptoms of mild wrist sprain tend to show improvement within two to three days. In case of moderate sprain, the pain and swelling may last for about a week. Recovery time may also vary as everyone heals at a different rate. If severe injury is not diagnosed or treated appropriately, the ligament injuries may result in wrist instability and chronic wrist pain.

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