understand tetanus

understand tetanus

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Understand Tetanus
  • Tetanus: When should one seek medical advice?

    Tetanus: When should one seek medical advice?

    Tetanus can be a fatal illness. Consult your doctor to know your immunisation status, for cleaning and care of any wound, or if you develop symptoms suggestive of tetanus such as muscle spasm or rigidity (generalised or localised).

  • Expected duration of Tetanus

    Expected duration of Tetanus

    Tetanus is a serious disease which has a prolonged course of illness. . Muscle spasm and rigidity may last for about 3-4 weeks and then improve slowly. After the spasms improve, complete recovery can take several months. Recovery is complete if the person survives the infection (there is no residual damage to brain or body in most cases).

  • What is Tetanus?

    What is Tetanus?

    Tetanus is a serious and possibly fatal disease caused by spores of Clostridium tetani bacteria.  Muscle spasm and rigidity (muscles becoming stiff) is the characteristic feature of tetanus. Currently there is no cure for tetanus. Treatment of tetanus includes wound care, medicines such as antibiotics, tetanus immunoglobulin, sedative and muscle relaxants, and supportive treatment such as ventilation and nutritional support.

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