understand tennis elbow

understand tennis elbow

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Understand Tennis Elbow
  • Tips to prevent tennis elbow

    Tips to prevent tennis elbow

    There is no known way to prevent tennis elbow. Some measures which may help to prevent tennis elbow or prevent it’s reoccurrence are doing exercises regularly to stretch and strengthen your arm muscles, using equipments of correct size, wearing counterforce brace to protect the elbow, avoiding activities that cause pain and learning the proper technique for sports.

  • What is Tennis Elbow?

    What is Tennis Elbow?

    Tennis elbow is a common type of injury which affects the elbow. Tennis elbow is most commonly caused because of strenuous overuse injury of elbow. Pain is the most common and important symptom of tennis elbow. Most people show improvement in pain with non-surgical treatment such as rest, pain relieving medicines, corticosteroid injections, physiotherapy, and shock wave therapy.

  • Tennis Elbow: When should one seek medical advice?

    Tennis Elbow: When should one seek medical advice?

    Consult a doctor immediately for pain in elbow; if it starts after an injury, the pain is severe, the elbow looks deformed or there is swelling of the elbow. Consult for tennis elbow if you have pain on doing activities such as writing, typing, using a screw driver, lifting any object, trying to grip small objects.

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