Understand Sexual Chemistry

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Jul 01, 2011

You are looking at the dating circle with serious goals in your mind. You want to meet somebody special, fall in love head-over-heels, have a special connection and great sparks flying all around. Well, it is neither always practical nor easy.

When you are looking for a long term relationship


Love is a feeling which needs time and nurturing to grow. If you are dating, give yourself a breather and do not rush into a relationship with the first person you meet. You may have to go for many dates to know which person is “the one” for you. Never compromise on love just because you’re getting old and you want to get in a relationship or you are young and everybody around you has a partner. If you are looking for a long term relationship you must have certain ideas about your own needs and the type of relationship you are looking for. It is important to share similar values regarding marriage, family and finances. Now, these are some heavy-duty issues which you will not know about the person in a few dates. So give the relationship time as it is not only about the feeling of love which will keep the relationship alive but it is also about shared values and ethics.


First time sex


Sex for the first time is both unnerving and special. Sex can mean many things to many people, it is a subjective topic. For some it holds special essence and for others it can be a way of exploring yourself. It is completely an individual call but certain ideas regarding sex can surely help. Postponing sex until the right person comes along can save you both from heartbreak and health problems.


Losing virginity among teenagers


Losing virginity amongst teenagers can happen due to peer pressure which can put you at risk of not only feeling used but at contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Awareness among youngsters regarding safe sex is essential to avoid such risks and for better mental and physical development.

Sex should never be hurried


Sex should never be hurried no matter what your age is, relationships should be given time for the bond to get stronger and for the intimacy to be pleasurable. Though, having a physical relationship depends completely on individual perspective and what type of date or relationship you are looking for. It is your call but play safe always.



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