understand seizure

understand seizure

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Understand Seizure
  • What is Seizure?

    What is Seizure?

    A seizure is a neurological disorder (brain disorder). Seizure is caused because of disturbances in electrical signalling in the brain. Generalised tonic-clonic seizures are the most common type of seizure. Symptoms and treatment of a seizure depends on the type of seizures. Seizures due to epilepsy can be controlled with anti-epileptic medications in most patients.

  • Expected duration of Seizure

    Expected duration of Seizure

    The duration of seizure is influenced by many factors including the type of seizures, compliance with treatment, etc. Seizures in epilepsy cannot be cured, but prevented with medications. Seizures may be difficult to control because of some underlying brain disease. In most children, febrile seizures stop by the age of 5 years. Seizures because of excess alcohol consumption, infection, low blood sugar or low blood calcium are controlled well with treatment of the underlying condition.

  • Seizure: When to seek medical help?

    Seizure: When to seek medical help?

    Consult a doctor for seizure if you experience seizure for the first time while on medication or have bothersome side-effects of medications. Women with any type of seizure should consult a doctor before planning pregnancy or if seizure occurs during pregnancy.

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