Twin Pregnancy Facts

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Feb 24, 2012

Twin pregnancy effectsTwin pregnancy is a double gift, but it also carries more concerns. Read to know the basic facts about twin pregnancy:


Increased Chances in 30’s and 40’s

The older you get the chances of a twin pregnancy increase. Once you reach 30, your ovulatory cycles are no more regular. Irregularity of cycles means that you can also ovulate two follicles at the same time thereby, resulting in a twin pregnancy. [Read: Early Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins]


Worse Morning Sickness

Twin pregnancy means higher level of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. The elevated level of hormone causes more morning sickness when compared with single pregnancy. Women with twins experience more nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy. They have a higher rate of maternal anaemia and bleeding (haemorrhage) after delivery.

Early Labour and Delivery

Unlike single pregnancy, mothers with twins experience labour in 36 to 37 weeks. Twins born after 34 weeks are at risk of certain health issues as they are premature. These babies do not have a normal birth weight and have greater chances of neonatal death or respiratory problems. [Read: Complications during Twin Pregnancy]

Likelihood of Caesarean Delivery

Caesarean sections are common in mothers with twins than mothers with singleton. Twins have greater chances of attaining breech position in mother’s womb and therefore, has more chances of caesarean delivery.


Increased Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Moms-to-be of twins have greater risk of developing gestational diabetes. With gestational diabetes, their risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life also gets elevated.


More check ups

You will be required to go for frequent checkups than women with singleton pregnancy. The doctor will closely analyse the development of babies.  Mothers with twins are advised to consume a very nutritious diet containing enough amount of folic acid. Twin pregnancy may also result in high blood pressure therefore, it is important to monitor it carefully.

Frequent spotting

Spotting in the first trimester is a potent sign of miscarriage. It is a fact that miscarriages in twin pregnancy are common, therefore, mothers with twins witness more spotting in the first trimester. Little blood spots are not a reason to panic, but heavy bleeding with cramping point that you should immediately seek medical help. [Read: Travelling during Twin Pregnancy]

Identical Twins

Nearly ¼ of identical twins are mirror image. If one has a birthmark on his right hand, surely the other will also have it on the same place. Identical twins are fascinating; they have same DNA, but not identical fingerprints!


Rate of twin pregnancies

One in 250-twin pregnancy can result in identical twins. African country, Nigeria, has the highest rate of twin pregnancy, i.e. one in 20 pregnancies. China has the minimal rate of twin pregnancy.


Handedness in Twins

About 22% of Twins are left handed as compared with singletons in which only 10% are left handed.


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