Trick your body to lose weight faster

Learn some tips to lose weight easily. It is advisable to find ways to get used to your weight loss regimen to expect good results.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Sep 07, 2017
Trick your body to lose weight faster

Your body is a machine which can be tuned for producing various effects. If you tune it to be fat, it would be time consuming to get it attuned to a different weight pattern as normal. Quite often people tend to starve themselves for losing weight. This is actually one of the things you should avoid. You need to find ways to mould your lifestyle that losing weight happens without you even noticing.

How to get used to a weight loss lifestyle

  • Workout with a mate – Find a mate at your gym or fitness centre where you workout. He should be at an advanced fitness level than you. It will serve as an excellent motivation for you to push harder, and your mate would help you in that. This extra effort would renew your efforts at weight gain.
  • Eat only when you are hungry – It would be advisable for you to shun the habit of having your regular 3 meals a day. Instead of this, eat only when you feel hungry. A very beneficial habit to fall into is to eat 3 hours before you sleep. Do not eat anything in between.
  • Learn new ways to lose weight - If walking a treadmill or riding a bike makes you bored stiff, why not enrol for learning new skills. There is no end to the number of activities that you can learn; tennis, kaykaying and swimming are just a few of them. Swimming is considered to be the best exercise. Actually it is worth trying to change your weight loss activity every 3 months to get the benefit of weight loss. Your new found enthusiasm will help you workout with more vigour.
  • Get used to healthy foods – The main cause of being overweight is unhealthy lifestyle choice, the wrecker in chief being eating too frequently. Substitute your fried, high salt, high carbs, high fat snacks with healthy options. They are banana, coconut, corns, avocado, guava, apple and many other fruits and vegetables. Of course, you need to limit the intake based on acceptable calorie count.
  • Have early breakfast and to your fill – Having a good breakfast in the morning prevents you from binge eating throughout the day. This is because your metabolism absorbs enough food to keep you fulfilled for the rest of the day.

By following the tips given above, you can expect to get used to weight loss routine and make your task easier.

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